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Blackboard Retirement Scheduled for December 31, 2019
Beginning December 31, 2019 faculty, students, and staff will no longer be able to log in to Blackboard.
From May 20, 2019 to December 31, 2019 Blackboard will be available only for viewing and downloading course content.
Download any needed past course materials and store them in Box, a network drive, or your own computer by December 31, 2019.
For detailed information and FAQ about the Blackboard retirement and process for downloading course materials, visit Hello Canvas.

We’re moving from Blackboard to Canvas!
Spring 2019 courses may be in either system.
By Summer 2019, all courses will be in Canvas.
Students, visit MyCanvas for login information, notes and status, common issues, and information about Canvas support.
Faculty/Staff, visit to get ready and sign up to use Canvas.

Upcoming Maintenance

Blackboard Release v3700.0.0 is scheduled for Thursday, May 2nd, 2019. No interruption in service is expected. Various maintenance items and upgraded features will be addressed at that time. Review the Blackboard Help page for more information by selecting Experience: Original.

Current Cases

The following cases are currently being addressed in an effort to identify and implement a resolution.

Some instructors have received errors when trying to upload .zip files to Course Documents. Status: Pending.

Recently Resolved Cases

The following cases have been resolved.

When an instructor accesses a course, edit mode is turned off and must be turned on manually. Status: Resolved. 
Instructors have reported that the Ares tool is not automatically appearing on various courses. Please access the Enable the Ares Tool page for guidance on accessing the tool. Status: Resolved. (INC0737865)
Instructors are not receiving notifications when students submit a post to a discussion board. Status: Resolved (INC2479987)
Instructors have reported they are unable to view the announcements module and an error is displayed. Status: Resolved (INC0534893)

Blackboard Service Status

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Blackboard Release Notes

When searching for the latest information about Blackboard releases,  click on “Experience Original” and "Course View Original" to learn about our instance of Blackboard.