Blackboard Organizations can be used by schools, departments, faculty, staff, and/or students for activities that are in support of the educational, research, or administrative mission of the University. They allow authorized participants who have WashU Blackboard WUSTL Keys to access content and collaborate with other organization participants in a secure-access environment.

* Request a New Blackboard Organization through the link provided toward the bottom of the page. 

Like a Blackboard course, an Organization includes:

  • Building and Sharing multimedia content
  • Virtual Meeting Space - Blackboard Ultra Collaborate
  • Surveys, Assessments and Grade Center
  • Messaging and Email notifications
  • Discussion Boards
  • Shared Calendars

Unlike a Blackboard course, an Organization:

  • Cannot be used for course credit-earning activities
  • Must be requested and sponsored by a WashU community member
  • Requires approval process prior to creation
  • Is limited to a small number of non-WashU participants/guests. Note: Guest access requires creation of WUSTL Key and Blackboard accounts.
  • Guests must be sponsored by School, Department, Faculty Representative or an approved Student Group.


  • Organization Sponsor: A WashU Community member who has oversight responsibilities for users enrolled in and using a Blackboard organization.
  • Organization Leader: A user who the Organization Sponsor has given permission to manage the Blackboard organization. The Organization Sponsor may also act as an Organization Leader.  Leaders can add content and change the organization settings and appearance similar to an Instructor role in a course.
  • Leader(Users): An additional special organization leader role who can manually enroll and remove organization participants, support and assistants.
  • Organization Assistant or Support: A user who can manage content and the organization grading.
  • Organization Participant: A currently enrolled student, faculty member, staff, teaching assistant, or affiliate who participates in a Blackboard organization. Only users with a valid, current WUSTL Key can be Blackboard organization participants.

Setting up your Organization

Learn how to request a new Blackboard Organization.
Learn how to enroll users in your Organization.
Learn how to create a request for a non-WashU guest to join your Organization.
Learn how to manage content and grading in your Organization.